About the Book

OFP: An Eight Week Guide to Being On F*cking Point

Publication Date

August 11, 2021



OFP Eight Weeks to Be on Fcking Point by Kumail Ahmed_personal development_self help_canadian author





Kumail Ahmed was frustrated by reading 350-page self-help books that were filled with repetitive concepts. He wanted something that would call him into action. If you have felt the same way, OFP is that call.

Filled with savage one-liners and powerful anecdotes, OFP is a small but potent no-nonsense guide meant to wake you the f*ck up. It is designed to jumpstart your engine so that you can create enough momentum to drive away comfort and complacency.

OFP is a guide to freedom. To decide that you will not leave any more potential on the table is the most important decision you will ever make. The suffering and the pain you have endured doesn’t have to define you. It can be the balm that you use to heal your corner of the world.